Semalt Expert Knows How To Create A Web Scraping Agent With A Chrome Extension

Web scraping is the process of mining data and collecting useful information from the Internet. It requires breakthroughs in text processing, human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence. Sometimes even the best web scraping tools cannot provide accurate and reliable results. In such circumstances, we need to create a web scraping agent with Chrome extension.

Data Scraping Studio -The best Chrome extension:

Data Scraping Studio is one of the most famous Chrome extensions. It is also known as Advanced Web Scraper and has a point-and-click interface. With Data Scraping Studio, you can easily create a scraping agent and can perform a variety of tasks. You just need to install this extension and visit any website. Once that site's URL appears on the right side, you just have to click on the New Button and enable Data Scraping Studio. Now, click on the Page Elemen button and highlight the website you want to extract data from.


With Data Scraping Studio, you can easily setup your agents. Extract HTML, images, text, and videos with this tool. You don't need to learn any programming language because Data Scraping Studio performs your tasks on its own. It is one of the most innovative and unique ways to extract data from the HTML documents and PDF files. You can monitor the quality of data while it is being scraped.

A great web crawler:

If you are looking for a tool that helps index your web pages, Data Scraping Studio is the right choice for you. It is designed to extract as much data as you want. At the same time, Data Scraping Studio can be used to crawl multiple pages. You just have to create different agents for your targeted sites and run this tool to get your work done. Extract prices from more than 15 e-commerce sites at a time and save your time and energy.

Different input options:

One of the most distinctive features of Data Scraping Studio is that it supports multiple input options and makes it easy for you to scrape data from desired web pages. You can easily import your information to TSV, TXT, JSON and CSV formats.

Hide your IP address:

With Data Scraping Studio, you can hide your IP address and act as anonymous on the Internet. Its Automatic Proxy Hiding option lets you perform your task with privacy. You can choose from its hundreds of proxies and ensure your protection and security on the Internet.

Extract text:

Select the Text option from the drop-down menu and preview your text while it is being scraped.

Target the HTML documents:

You can extract the HTML documents with Data Scraping Studio. Select the HTML option from the drop-down menu and scrape your HTML files or documents in no time.

Extract Attributes:

If you want to extract images or video files, you just have to select the ATTR option from the drop-down menu and give a name to your image.

Custom CSS Selector:

We can easily write our custom CSS selector and click on the Accept button to save our changes.

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